About Parking for Paradise

In our community PARADISE INTERCHANGE provides an efficient transport service, hindered greatly by a LACK OF PARKING. Many people understand the frustration of driving to the interchange in the morning hoping to make use of the O-Bahn service, only to be delayed searching for a park.

Often the solution is to park along the busy Sudholz Road or side streets, putting commuters at risk as they exit their vehicles during peak hour traffic. Not to mention, creating the congestion in neighbouring streets.

The State Labor Government promised to fund improved car parking infrastructure prior to the last election, but nothing has been delivered. The community deserves better. The Government needs to make good on their pre-election promise and provide funds for car parking infrastructure and soon.

We need to relieve the tension and anxiety that is caused by the lack of parking.We need to increase pressure on the government to commit to providing more car parking at the Paradise Interchange. The issue is likely to be significantly worsened by the O-Bahn extension that hopes to encourage the use of public transport. This will increase congestion at Paradise Interchange and the need for improved parking infrastructure will increase.

This webpage is aimed at creating a discussion point between the community and me to identify concerns and solutions so we can move towards solving this growing issue. Please join the campaign at ParkingforParadise.com.au

Vincent Tarzia
Member for Hartley
Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Entrepreneurship
Innovation and Business Start-Up