100 days is up but where is Labor’s Commission of Inquiry?

Tuesday 28 June, 2022

South Australians have been stood up again as the Malinauskas Labor Government fails to deliver on another election promise – this time the establishment of a Commission of Inquiry into public transport to kill the $2.1 billion Keolis Downer contract.

Peter Malinauskas committed: “In our first 100 days, we will establish an Independent Commission of Inquiry into the Return of Public Transport Services.”

Shadow Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Vincent Tarzia, said Peter Malinauskas has been vowing for years to “return public transport into public hands”.

“Well 100 days are up, and we haven’t heard a peep out of Peter Malinauskas about this Commission of Inquiry that will cost taxpayers $1 million,” he said.

“This is typical Labor – review, review, review and review some more without actually accomplishing a single thing.

“Peter Malinauskas promised he was going to tear up the Keolis Downer contract, but when push comes to shove, he’s not even willing to make the hard call.

“Instead, he’ll just burn $1 million on a Commission of Inquiry.

“And even then, his promise to set up this Commission of Inquiry within the first 100 days hasn’t even been delivered on.

“Unfortunately, Peter Malinauskas’ word isn’t worth a thing.”

New Department for Infrastructure and Transport information provided to the Opposition recently suggests $70 million could be the contract exit fee if the Keolis Downer deal was terminated before June 2023. Treasury advised in February the cost would be at least $40 million.

Two days before the March election, then Shadow Treasurer Stephen Mullighan slammed Keolis Downer and declared “we don’t accept that there are costs” in cancelling the 12-year contract.